Enhancing Battery Storage Manufacturing at BMW AG Werk Parsdorf with Eleven Dynamics
"Our digital twin, powered by Nexos 4.0 software, not only simulates but manages automated measurement processes efficiently, proving to be a flexible and adaptable solution"
Customer: BMW AG Werk Parsdorf

BMW AG Werk Parsdorf, a significant player in the automotive industry, is engaged in the manufacturing of battery storage units for their GIGA Factory. Ensuring 100% control over the product quality and its fit in the car body is a critical aspect of their operation. However, the traditional quality control methods were not providing the necessary process reliability and trend recognition.

Challenge: Ensuring 100% Quality Control and Trend Recognition

The challenge was to ensure that all battery storage units met the required quality standards and were fit for integration into the car body. The traditional quality control methods were not providing the necessary process reliability and trend recognition. The need was for a solution that could inspect 100% of the parts quickly and accurately, ensuring that only quality parts were delivered for the car assembly.

Solution: A Proof of Concept (POC) with a Digital Twin of a Measurement Cell

Eleven Dynamics GmbH stepped in with a solution. They presented a Proof of Concept (POC) of a digital twin of a measurement cell at BMW AG Werk Parsdorf. This digital twin, powered by Nexos 4.0 software, was capable of simulating and managing automated measurement processes.
The solution was flexible and adaptable, designed to meet BMW AG Werk Parsdorf's specific needs. It could support any robot, sensor, and cell configuration, making it a perfect fit for the diverse range of battery storage units that BMW AG Werk Parsdorf produced.

"BMW Enlists Eleven Dynamics for Next-Gen Quality Control"

Results: Improved Process Reliability and Increased Throughput

The results were immediate and impressive. All parts could be checked within the digital twin in just a few minutes, ensuring 100% control. The solution improved process reliability, increased throughput, and provided high-quality measurement data.

The POC demonstrated the added value of the solution in real-time, convincing BMW AG Werk Parsdorf of its effectiveness. As a result, multiple measurement cells have been ordered for Werk 0, and a global rollout of the project is planned.

The solution integrated seamlessly with existing systems at BMW AG Werk Parsdorf, including KUKA robots, POLYWORKS software, and the LEICA AS1 scanner.

Conclusion: A Step Towards the Future of Battery Storage Manufacturing
The successful implementation of the POC at BMW AG Werk Parsdorf is a testament to the power of Eleven Dynamics' solutions. By leveraging advanced software like Nexos 4.0 and state-of-the-art digital twin technology, Eleven Dynamics is helping companies like BMW AG Werk Parsdorf step into the future of battery storage manufacturing.