Celebrating Our Partnerships and Collaborations

Eleven Dynamics' Reach Across the Globe

Nurturing a Global Network:
"From Mexico to Germany, our collaborations have driven cutting-edge solutions and impressive achievements."

Celebrating Our Partnerships and Collaborations: The Powerhouse behind Eleven Dynamics' Success

At Eleven Dynamics, we strongly believe in the power of unity and mutual growth. We're thrilled to have nurtured a diverse, global network of partnerships that act as the lifeblood of our company, fostering the ability to successfully implement projects across the globe and redefine the landscape of automation, robotics, and metrology.

A Dynamic Network of Partnerships

As a company thriving at the forefront of SMART FACTORY 4.0, we're proud of the alliances we've forged across the world, with partners and resellers from the United States to Russia, South Africa to India, and beyond. Teaming up with robotic titans like KUKA, Fanuc, Elite Robots, and Yaskawa, sensor manufacturers such as Hexagon and NextSense, and software experts including Duwe3d & Innovmetric (Polyworks), Spatial Analyzer, our network is truly expansive and innovative.

Our partnerships have not only opened doors to exciting projects globally but also enabled us to tap into the invaluable industry know-how that our partners bring to the table.

Collaborations that Propel Innovation

From Mexico to Germany, our collaborations have driven cutting-edge solutions and impressive achievements. With REII in Mexico, we've successfully implemented an aerospace project to measure wings at Embraer. Meanwhile, our partnership with DigitalAssembly in Russia led to a dual-axis airframe with dual measurement systems at Arrival in England. And in Germany, we partnered with MQS to execute inline measurement at BMW.

This is testament to the exceptional capabilities of our Nexos software, as partners learn and apply its features to engineer customized solutions for their clients.

"Together We Triumph: Embracing Challenges at Eleven Dynamics"

Overcoming Challenges Together

Collaboration doesn't come without its set of challenges, language barriers and partner training being at the top. But together, we have overcome them, bolstered by the common language of innovation and a dedicated team skilled in local languages including Russian, Turkish, and Spanish. Each day, we inch towards a more refined and efficient approach, making us a formidable force in the field of automation.

Fostering Future-Focused Partnerships

In our quest for progress, we continually seek partners with an open mind and a hunger to break new ground in automation. Our eyes are set on individuals keen to master Nexos and drive sales of automation projects. Although we can't spill the beans on our future alliances just yet, rest assured they are designed to enrich our shared journey of success.
Our vision for the future of these partnerships is clear: We aim to grow together, celebrating our partners as integral parts of the Eleven Dynamics team.

Redefining the Future of Automation

We are Eleven Dynamics - the first startup in our branch in 25 years - and we're here to stay. We’re not just delivering software solutions; we’re delivering the future of automation. Together with our global network of partners, we aim to reshape quality control in industry, leading the charge towards SMART FACTORY 4.0.

Follow us on our journey as we continue to drive innovation, foster collaborations, and make strides towards the future of automation.

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