Eleven Dynamics Accelerates Automation in High-Speed Inspection at KaKue GmbH.
"Abdulrahim Kahriman, CEO of KaKue GmbH, stated, 'We did not question NEXOS at any time. The system was immediately online and works just fine. I even don't need a robot programmer anymore.'"
Customer: KaKue GmbH, Obersulm, Germany

KaKue GmbH, based in Obersulm, has been providing reliable measurement services with state-of-the-art metrology technology to its customers for over two decades. From standard measurements to complex problem-solving, KaKue's measurement specialists guarantee solution-oriented order testing in-house and on-site at the customer's premises. However, they faced challenges with their conventional measurement methods, which were time-consuming and lacked automation.

Challenge: Overcoming Time Loss in Traditional Measurement and Implementing Automation

The challenge was to overcome the time loss associated with traditional measurement methods and implement automation in their processes. KaKue had been using conventional Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and mobile AS1 devices, which were manual and time-consuming. The need was for a solution that could provide accurate and reliable data quickly and efficiently, ensuring the highest quality in their measurement services.

Solution: NEXOS 4.0 and Automated Measurement Cell

Eleven Dynamics AG stepped in with a solution. They implemented NEXOS 4.0, a software that could fully control the measurement cell within just three days. This solution was capable of simulating and managing automated measurement processes in a digital twin, making it the only solution that worked automated for KaKue.
The solution was flexible and adaptable, designed to meet KaKue's specific needs. It could support any robot, sensor, and cell configuration, making it a perfect fit for the diverse range of tasks in their measurement services.
Based on the successful implementation of NEXOS 4.0, an automated measurement cell, consisting of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and the Absolute Scanner AS1, was installed at KaKue.

Results: Improved Measurement Efficiency and Implementation of Automation

The results were immediate and impressive. NEXOS 4.0 and the automated measurement cell significantly reduced the time taken for measurements, providing accurate and reliable data quickly. The solution also implemented automation in their processes, enhancing their measurement services.
The solution demonstrated the added value in real-time, convincing KaKue of its effectiveness. As a result, Abdulrahim Kahriman, CEO of KaKue GmbH, stated, "We did not question NEXOS at any time. The system was immediately online and works just fine. I even don't need a robot programmer anymore."

"The solution reduced measurement time, providing quick, accurate data."

Conclusion: A Step Towards the Future of Measurement Services

The successful implementation of NEXOS 4.0 and the automated measurement cell at KaKue GmbH is a testament to the power of Eleven Dynamics' solutions. By leveraging advanced software like NEXOS 4.0 and state-of-the-art technology, Eleven Dynamics is providing solutions for businesses like KaKue GmbH step into the future of measurement services. The solution adapts to you, driving you from manual metrology, to semi-automatic metrology (at line), to fully automated metrology (in line) in a painless process. And all this with NEXOS 4.0, no need to retrain engineers and operators every time with new software. At Eleven Dynamics, we want to adapt our solution to you.