What innovates you?

MANTIS® - Flexible concept for automated 3D - metrology !

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What can you expect?

With MANTIS® we present a new concept for automated measurement technology – a fully integrable turn-key solution for the #smartfactory of the future.

Through a completely new approach, we offer users an offline and online platform for the selection, planning and integration of a multitude of modular hardware combinations. This results in the best possible configuration for his application.

The platform remains the same across all projects, thus increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of integrating new technologies and scaling the benefits of existing methods for future applications.


Standalone metrology cell, at-line bypass solution or fully integrated into your production process as an inline station - you decide. We can fully adapt the concept to your needs.

Industry grade standard components. Accepted, released and approved in many factories worldwide. High level of standardization. Our credo, no special parts, where not needed.


We offer a variety of laser scanning sensors for you to integrate, since we know, that different applications, branches or materials have different requirements. Red, blue, cross, line, multiple-line lasers - choose or combine. We support you in making the selection. We are open for a tryout first, so you know, what you can expect!


A wide range of robot manufacturers and types can be adapted so you reach out to your part and your goals.


Turntable, fixtures, gauges for metrology, AGV (automated guided vehicles) - whatever you use to load your part for measure, we support and integrate for and with you.


Nexos 4.0 is a Sim2Real automation software, capable of simulating and driving all your hardware from a simple and intuitive interface. Nexos 4.0 unifies all your automation workflows: the design of your solution, the offline programming, the simulation and the online execution. Nexos 4.0 will simplify, synchronize, and automate all your metrology and manufacturing processes.

Workshops and support

Workshops will keep your programmers, operators and maintenance holders updated. From the beginning we want to make feel you utmost comfortable with the system as possible.

Our first level support is available for registered users. We provide on site support in hardware, setup and software, so if there is a problem, you wont be left alone.

Want to see more...

...check out this video, to see how easy it is to program and run your next 3D metrology project!

...still not enough...

...check out this video, to experience our basic ready-to-order MANTIS® concept. 

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