Meet the Minds Behind Eleven Dynamics

Meet the Minds Behind Eleven Dynamics:

The Founding Trio
"Evolution is at the core of our founders' journey. They've learned from each other, adapting and growing to meet new challenges."

At Eleven Dynamics, we believe that every individual is a cornerstone in our journey to revolutionize Industry 4.0. With our "Employee Spotlight" series, we're not just offering insights into the people who make our company tick, but we're also underlining our ethos of transparency, growth, and innovation.

A Deep Dive into Eleven Dynamics

Established as a leading name in Industry 4.0, Eleven Dynamics specializes in the Nexos software, an automation platform designed to streamline operations. Our team is a robust mix of experts in robotics, metrology, and automation, with a primary focus on the inline measurement technology.

The Essence of "Employee Spotlight"

Every voice matters at Eleven Dynamics. The "Employee Spotlight" series is a testament to our values, showcasing the importance and influence each member brings to our table, especially as a budding company. It's a realm where every opinion holds weight, where mistakes are stepping stones to progress.

The Pillars of Eleven Dynamics: Santiago, Michael, and Marc

This spotlight beams on our founding trio: Santiago, Michael, and Marc.
- Santiago: The brain behind our Nexos software, Santiago, our CEO, took the first steps alone, later bringing in Michael and Marc, shaping the future of Eleven Dynamics.
- Michael: As the COO, Michael, with his unparalleled sales and marketing acumen, played a pivotal role in carving out our brand's presence in the market, successfully landing our inaugural customer projects.
- Marc: Our CTO, Marc, with his prowess in algorithms and programming, has been the force propelling our software forward.

"Shining a Spotlight on Eleven Dynamics' Innovators"

Triumphs Along the Way

Audi Sport in Heilbronn marks a significant milestone for Eleven Dynamics. It was a collective masterstroke, where Michael's prowess in establishing partnerships led to our collaboration with Audi. Meanwhile, Santiago and Marc's technical expertise ensured the project's success. This venture not only expanded our horizons but also made us resilient as a team. The cell from this project continues to operate seamlessly, even after 1.5 years.

An Unwavering Commitment to the Company Culture

The trio’s dynamic is unique, a mix of varied strengths and capabilities. At Eleven Dynamics, decision-making is a collective process, sometimes fierce but always resulting in a harmonious consensus. Every day, each founder gives their all for the success and evolution of the company.

Beyond the Titles: Knowing the Founders

- Michael: Taking a sabbatical from metrology, Michael once ran a gym, gaining experience from an entirely different spectrum.
- Santiago: A mathematics prodigy, he can crack complex equations mentally.
- Marc: A vigilant observer, Marc monitors everything on Zoho. No action goes unnoticed!

Evolution at Eleven Dynamics

Working in unison, the trio has constantly evolved:
- Santiago has honed his sales and marketing prowess under Michael's tutelage.
- Michael has learned the virtue of patience, especially when collaborating with technicians.
- Marc, on the other hand, has discovered the nuances of sales and marketing.

In Conclusion

Through this spotlight, we hope our customers and partners gain deeper insights into the ethos, journey, and people behind Eleven Dynamics. As we grow and evolve, it's the stories of these pillars that keep us grounded and inspired.

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