Overcoming Metrology Challenges with Nexos 4.0 Powered Mantis®.
"Mantis can also be combined with autonomous spraying to measure transparent parts, demonstrating its adaptability to your problem."
Product: Mantis® - A Turnkey Solution

Mantis®, powered and driven by Nexos 4.0 and built by MQS, is a flexible metrology turnkey solution. Unlike other turnkey solutions, Mantis® is not an isolated island for your metrology room but a new node to improve your metrology process. It can be integrated smoothly within your process, adapting to the software and hardware you currently use.

Challenge: Adapting to Changing Needs and Technologies

The challenge in metrology is to adapt to changing needs and technologies without having to buy a completely new solution every time. Whether it's a different sensor, a different robot, a bigger turntable, automatic part loading, a different metrology software, or another SPC, the need is for a solution that can accommodate all these changes.

Solution: A Modifiable Turnkey Solution with Nexos 4.0

Mantis®, powered by Nexos 4.0, is a modifiable turnkey solution that supports any robot, any sensor, and any cell configuration. It does not become obsolete as Nexos 4.0 allows any design and any program. This means that you will always be capable of adapting the solution to your changing needs.

Results: Improved Flexibility and Adaptability

The results are impressive. Mantis®, with Nexos 4.0, can work at-line and in-line, making it an entry-level solution to automate your metrology process. But with the same software, Nexos, we can push your metrology process further into your production process.
Mantis® can also be combined with autonomous spraying to measure transparent parts, demonstrating its adaptability to your problem. Using a small UR robot with a spraying gun and some scanning spray, Mantis® turns into an automated cell to measure transparent parts, all running from Nexos 4.0.

"Nexos 4.0 and Mantis®: The Dynamic Duo Transforming Metrology."

Conclusion: A Step Towards the Future of Metrology

The successful implementation of Mantis® and Nexos 4.0 is a testament to the power of Eleven Dynamics' solutions. By leveraging advanced software like Nexos 4.0 and state-of-the-art technology, Eleven Dynamics is helping businesses step into the future of metrology. The solution adapts to you, driving you from manual metrology, to semi-automatic metrology (at line), to fully automated metrology (in line) in a painless process. And all this with Nexos 4.0, no need to retrain engineers and operators every time with new software. At Eleven Dynamics, we want to adapt our solution to you.