Optimizing Measurement Paths for Better Quality Control

Optimizing Measurement Paths for Better Quality Control:

The NEXOS Advantage
"With NEXOS, programming smooth paths is no longer a complex chore. Our software empowers users to easily create precise measurement paths, slashing cycle times and elevating data quality."

Quality control sits at the heart of manufacturing, ensuring products meet the high standards that customers expect. Here at Eleven Dynamics, we specialize in automation, robotics, and metrology, delivering solutions that transform the quality control process. Today, we're shining a spotlight on one such innovation: optimizing measurement paths for better quality control.

The Importance of Smooth Paths

Measurement paths are the lifeblood of quality control, using robotic motion extrapolation to create smooth, continuous paths. Gone are the days of the 'go-stop-go-stop' pattern. With NEXOS's path smoothing, robots go-go-go-go, rounding off motion corners for a smoother and less shaky journey. This minimizes wear on robot joints, speeds up movement, and reduces vibration - all of which improve the accuracy of sensors placed on the robot.

The NEXOS Difference

NEXOS addresses the challenges of manual programming of measurement paths. Without a simulation engine, like the one NEXOS provides, programming smooth paths is a time-consuming, complex task. NEXOS provides a realistic simulation and real connection to the robot, saving a ton of time and ensuring you don't need to test on the hardware.

"NEXOS: Smoother Paths, Better Quality."

Empowering Quality Control with NEXOS

NEXOS is a game-changer, designed to bring smooth paths to all integrated robots. As part of the standard NEXOS software package, it makes programming smooth paths as straightforward as programming a normal path. This has been a revolutionary advantage in all installations, slashing cycle times and boosting data quality.

A Constant Connection

Every piece of hardware integrated with NEXOS is in constant communication, transmitting all variables, positions, and status information. This wealth of data is processed by NEXOS to ensure everything is correct at all times. And it doesn't stop at the data – NEXOS also allows you to program complex logic flows, conditioning and correlating data from the robot, PLC, sensor, and other software.

Your Custom Solution with NEXOS

Here at Eleven Dynamics, our mission is to simplify your life. NEXOS is a universal platform designed with you in mind – using our collision, simulation, validation, path approximation tools, and more, you can customize the software to your optimal solution. No need for any tailoring from our end, NEXOS empowers you to create your custom robotic solution.
Experience the transformative power of smooth paths with NEXOS. Step into the future of quality control, reduce your cycle times, and enhance your data accuracy. Welcome to the future of industrial automation with Eleven Dynamics.

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