Eleven Dynamics Secures CHF 800k in Latest Funding Round

Eleven Dynamics AG successfully closes its latest funding round, paving the way for accelerated growth and market expansion.

Elevating Industry 4.0 with NEXOS

Eleven Dynamics AG is revolutionizing Industry 4.0 processes with its cutting-edge
software solutions, NEXOS AIR and NEXOS 4.0. The company's unique selling point lies
in its ability to offer automated solutions without hardware or software dependencies.
With NEXOS, any hardware, any software becomes one solution. Clients such as Audi,
BMW, Wagon, and Magna have already experienced significant efficiency gains,
including an 85% reduction in measurement times at Audi.

Investors with close ties to the industry

The funding round was led by Bloomhaus Ventures. It attracted strategic investment
from angel and impact investors from Switzerland and Germany with valuable industry
contacts in sensor and hardware manufacturers, including Schauenburg International,
an international technology company.


The CHF 800k investment will be strategically deployed across three pivotal growth
1) aggressively expanding the customer base through intensified sales and marketing,
2) forging a proprietary partner platform and significantly augmenting the software
support team, and
3) meticulously preparing for entry into the aerospace sector as a key stepping stone for
our future expansion."Our rapid development signals an upcoming Series-A round that
potential investors should keep an eye on," says the CEO of Eleven Dynamics AG.

"We are thrilled to support the Eleven Dynamics team in their mission to advance Smart
Factory solutions," states Pascal Stu╠łrchler, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloomhaus
Ventures. "Eleven Dynamics have a formidable team and unparalleled expertise
necessary to not only set but also achieve audacious objectives in the Industry 4.0
sector. We are proud to be both an investor and supporter."

"Automation, Industry 4.0 and the digital twin are important future topics for
Schauenburg International. Their technology driven by a strong team thus fits perfectly
into our Ventures profile," explains Malvine Komorek of Schauenburg Ventures. "We are
convinced of additional synergies with companies from our core portfolio and are
pleased to accompany Eleven Dynamics in its future development as an investor and

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About Eleven Dynamics AG

Eleven Dynamics AG is a leading software development company specializing in
Industry 4.0 solutions. With its NEXOS software suite, the company is setting new
standards for efficiency and automation in industrial processes.

About Bloomhaus Ventures

Bloomhaus is a Swiss venture capital firm focused on empowering game-changing tech
startups in Central Europe to flourish globally and to create a more sustainable
tomorrow. Drawing on their expertise as entrepreneurs, technologists and investors
Bloomhaus nurtures pioneers bringing them together with the resources they need for
lasting success.

About Schauenburg International

As an investment company, SCHAUENBURG International strengthens leading industrial
companies and promotes future-oriented technologies in a sustainable and growthoriented
manner through SCHAUENBURG Ventures. Investments are made in close
cooperation with the existing management teams. The focus is on companies that are
leaders in technological niche markets and that strengthen or meaningfully complement
the existing business areas of SCHAUENBURG International. In doing so, we
concentrate primarily on future-oriented sectors such as safety, analytics, automation,
environmental, space and industrial technologies. Further information is available at