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Nexos 4.0 is a Sim2Real automation software, capable of simulating and driving all your hardware from a simple and intuitive interface. It unifies all your automation workflows: the design of your solution, the offline programming, the simulation and the online execution. Nexos 4.0 will simplify, synchronize, and automate all your metrology and manufacturing processes.

your value

how nexos can help you
You’re more productive
With Nexos you can automate even small series and prototypes
You'll save time
Nexos powerful planning tool makes your metrology processes faster and more reliable
You’re less dependent
With Nexos you can build, modify and repair any of your solutions yourself.
You’ll know it works
Our powerful offline simulation will provide you with a proof of concept before your cell is built
You’re more flexible
Flexibly adapt or change your set up with our design tools

The Workflow

A consistent process

Export & Analyze

Stream to Polyworks and generate a report, or push to data loop


Execute your validated programs

Program & Validate

Generate your measurement routines and validate them

Design & Test

Easily design your cell and do a proof of concept


Align your cell to reality

your Hardware matters

experience maximum flexibility


We unify and support all types of robots regardless of manufacturer or controller type. We’ll make it work.

Free Choice of Sensors

Regardless if laser scanner or fringe projection systems, we plug in to everybody.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any hardware?

Yes. Any robot, sensor, plc and other machines like turntables, self-driving robots, conveyor belts, scanners, white light systems, etc. are supported. Nexos 4.0 unifies all hardware into intuitive commands that simplify the synchronization and programming of all such hardware.

Why shouldn’t I choose other solutions?

Because our software enables you to always customize your solution. Imagine that you buy some turnkey solution and after some years you need to measure different parts, you want to change the sensor, or replace some broken hardware. A solution built on Nexos 4.0 is your own and you keep your rights to modify and repair at your discretion.

How can Nexos 4.0 benefit me?

By removing the need of manually measuring parts, being able to automatically and flexibly adapt your measuring routines to small batches and being able to very finely tune your program to minimize cycle time, you will not only save time, but also minimize user errors and repeated work.

I am an Integrator, can I use Nexos 4.0?

Yes. With Nexos you can build your own turnkey solutions, and offer custom projects to your customers with any hardware. Nexos will allow you to design and test in simulation more complex projects, reducing the need to rebuild or change hardware and preventing unexpected problems. Plan and build with our simulation and reduce unanticipated extra costs when assembling the real cell.

How long does it typically take to build a project?

Building a project within Nexos 4.0 only takes a few hours. Our features of drag & drop, auto snapping and feature alignment will help you to quickly build your project combining our extensive library and your CAD models.

Does the software support different user modes (e.g., for operators in the factory)?

Yes, the software can be restricted to execution only, programming or design. This way we protect the projects so that no one accidentally modifies the design, robot programs, hardware configuration, calibrations, etc. With this safety mechanism a factory operator does not need to worry and can just press play and safely run any program in the project.

Do I need any other additional software?

Nexos 4.0 takes care of handling the robots, sensors and machines with no extra software needed. It can also process and analyze your metrology data. This does not mean that you cannot use other softwares with Nexos. In fact, we can connect to your favorite metrology software and SPC to further automatize your quality control process.

How do I program different sensors and robots?

You don’t need any specific knowledge of the sensors and robots. Nexos unifies all of them, providing the same commands and handling the communication with the hardware transparently (to drive the robots and get the data from the sensors). Additionally, programming is automatic and very intuitive, it won’t matter what robot-sensor combination you use.

Can the software handle other automation purposes than metrology, like e.g., manufacturing applications (drilling, milling, spraying)?

Yes, the same programming and designing features can be used for other manufacturing applications. For instance, instead of a Start Measuring Command you will have a Start Tool Command that will tell the tool to start painting, welding or drilling. Essentially, all Nexos 4.0 does for measuring tools it does for manufacturing tools.

Can I use the software without hardware?

Yes, you can already start by studying the feasibility of your project, simulating and planning it. You can start by studying the best hardware to solve your problem, analyze the hardware cost, space requirements, cycle time and the ROI of the simulated solution.

I don’t really want to design or program, what can I do?

No problem, we can do all those steps for you, or we can find an integrator within our network to provide those services to you. This way, you only have to worry about the requirements and pressing the play button afterwards.

I have a project in my country, who will build my solution?

We have a worldwide network of integrators that can provide any service you might need with our software, as well as the construction of your project. The integration will be local and in your language. If you already have a preference for an integrator we can simply collaborate with them.

Can I connect the hardware that I already have?

Yes, Nexos 4.0 allows you to work with your existing hardware, no need to buy new stuff if you already own it.

Do you also have turnkey solutions (including hardware)?

We have already pre-designed some turnkey solutions that we can build with a local integrator. If you contact us, we can show you some of the turnkey solutions and we can find an integrator that suits your needs to build it right away.

Do I need to know about metrology?

Not forcibly. If you know what you want to measure and what tolerances are acceptable, we can build a solution for you that is as simple as pressing play and then just reading the results.

Is it safe to run programs?

Nexos 4.0 checks your paths for collisions, overspeed, tracker-sensor visibility and robot singularities. Moreover, Nexos makes sure by using real-time machine feedback that everything is at the right position when running on real, only allowing to run valid and safe programs. If the cell is well aligned, then you can run your programs without any worry!
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