"Breaking Barriers in Automation: Eleven Dynamics' Expansion into the APAC Region"
"I strongly believe that Thailand is highly prospective and can present new opportunities for Asia, as it is capable of shipping to various countries." - Michael Fischer
Eleven Dynamics, a leading company specializing in automation, robotics, and metrology, is making waves in the realm of quality control in manufacturing. With their innovative software solutions Nexos 4.0 and Nexos Air, they are reshaping the way manufacturers conduct quality control using robots, cobots, and 3D scanners. Thaimach, a well-established name in the IIoT industry, has become the primary distributor of these groundbreaking solutions, fueling a significant growth in the sector.

Overcoming Post-COVID Challenges in APAC

In an insightful interview, Michael Fischer, the COO of Eleven Dynamics, discussed how the company is leveraging the post-COVID environment to expand their business into the APAC region. With many companies relocating their production to countries like Thailand and a surge in the local car manufacturing industry, the potential for automation is soaring.

Fischer cited the exceptional local customer service and the emergence of a highly connected and intelligent generation as drivers of this change. He expressed confidence in Thaimach’s vast network, noting that Thailand's capacity for shipping to various countries makes it an ideal launching pad for further opportunities in Asia.

T-PAM System and Nexos Software: Tailoring Solutions to Market Needs

Eleven Dynamics and Thaimach introduced the T-PAM system, a novel combination of Thaimach’s hardware and Nexos Air software, tailored to fit the market needs of small co-bot solutions. This followed the previous success of Nexos 4.0, a high-end software designed for more complex industrial applications. The new combination aims to offer affordable entry-level solutions without compromising quality.

The unique aspect of Nexos software is its flexibility and adaptability, capable of integrating with a vast range of hardware, robots, and scanners from different manufacturers, as well as various metrology software. This ensures that regardless of customer requirements, Eleven Dynamics can provide a solution.

"An Affordable Solution for Small Co-bot Applications"

Embracing the Digital Twin Approach

The real magic of Nexos 4.0 comes from its ability to create a digital twin. Before investing in physical hardware, clients can gain insight into the product and forecast process times, ensuring the best suitability for the application. This approach, while entailing a small fee, has significant advantages, providing precise data on process duration and accuracy, aiding customers in making informed investment decisions.

Nexos Air follows a similar approach, offering ready-to-measure solutions that come free of charge when customers purchase related products. This method gives clients the advantage of automatic measurements, replacing the need for manual control and significantly increasing efficiency.

Looking Forward: Business Expansion Plan for 2023

For the upcoming year, Eleven Dynamics has set ambitious plans to expand their business further. They aim to increase their online presence, develop new applications, reinforce their sales and marketing department, and focus on the technical aspects of their products. The team is also planning to expand their employee base, with a particular emphasis on hiring local sales and technical specialists in Asia.

In closing, Fischer highlighted the company's current installations in the UK, Germany, BMW, and Audi, and their upcoming projects in Brazil and Mexico. He emphasized the company's commitment to providing Thaimach with the necessary information and resources, leveraging their cloud solutions to ensure wide accessibility.

Despite the challenges, Eleven Dynamics is confident in its ability to shape the future of automation in the APAC region, leveraging local resources, market trends, and its innovative solutions. The company sees their role as a catalyst, laying the groundwork for their master distributors to create their own market strategies, utilizing their unique strengths and connections to drive success in their respective territories. Through this, Eleven Dynamics aims to boost confidence in its solutions and continue its trajectory of innovation and growth.