Unleashing Efficiency: The Power of Connected Hardware in Quality Control

Revolutionizing Manufacturing: The Impact of Fully Integrated Quality Control Hardware

Unlock efficiency, precision, and speed with Eleven Dynamics AG's cutting-edge hardware

In an era where precision and efficiency are paramount, the integration of hardware in quality control represents a transformative shift towards smarter manufacturing. This approach not only streamlines processes but also introduces a level of accuracy and speed previously unattainable.

At Eleven Dynamics AG, we stand at the forefront of this revolution, offering unique solutions that integrate systems from leading providers such as Hexagon, Zeiss, Sacntech, and Shining3D, to name a few.

The Essence of Connection  

But what does it truly mean to connect all hardware in quality control? A seamless integration of diverse systems, enabling a holistic approach to quality and process assurance.

This integration is critical in a niche market where Eleven Dynamics uniquely positions itself by offering an open platform that bridges the gap between various hardware providers.

The Role of Automation  

Automation emerges as a cornerstone in this integrated approach, where scanner point clouds become the data of the future. This leap from measuring rooms to direct production lines heralds a new era of real-time quality and process data, effectively making automation an unstoppable force in modern manufacturing.

Eleven Dynamics' Software: The Heart of Integration

Our software platform is the linchpin in this elaborate setup, offering complete simulation independence from hardware providers and facilitating direct machine control. This not only enhances the integration of hardware systems but also solidifies our software as the central hub for efficient quality control operations.

The Benefits Unfold

The integration of hardware in quality control systems presents numerous advantages. It allows end customers the flexibility to select the best solutions for their needs, improving the efficiency of measurement processes. This tailored approach ensures that hardware usage is optimized for either quality assurance or process assurance, depending on the component's cycle time.

Towards Optimal Process Times

By comparing simulations with real-world processes, we create a detailed and accurate picture of manufacturing operations. The ability to connect with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and interface with leading measurement evaluation software like Polyworks, Metrologx4, and Verisurf introduces a new level of automation. This leverages the power of portable systems, enhancing overall efficiency.

A Real-World Transformation

The impact of this hardware connectivity is significant, as demonstrated by projects that have realized up to 85% time savings compared to traditional, non-automated methods. This reduction in manual intervention allows skilled workers to focus more on data evaluation, significantly advancing the field of quality control.

Overcoming Challenges

Integrating all quality control hardware presents its own set of challenges, mainly due to the diverse solutions found across global production plants. Our NEXOS software stands out as a solution, offering a platform that unites the strengths of all systems and embodies the essence of Industry 4.0.

Enabling Custom Robotic Solutions

The foundation laid by hardware connectivity facilitates the development of custom robotic solutions, focusing on advanced data processing, database management, statistical analysis, and production monitoring.

Looking to the Future

The future of connected hardware in quality control is bright, with promising advancements like Docker systems for Microsoft, new graphics drivers, and the integration of the Metaverse into production landscapes marking the beginning of a futuristic era in manufacturing.


The integration of all hardware in quality control is not just a technological advancement; it's a strategic imperative for businesses aiming for excellence in today's competitive environment. With Eleven Dynamics leading the charge, the future of manufacturing looks not only interconnected but infinitely more efficient and precise.

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