The Role of Automation in Modern Manufacturing

NEXOS: Serving a Wide Range of Industries with

Customized Automation Solutions
"We use the rich information derived from our quality control processes to adjust manufacturing procedures in real-time, edging closer to the vision of a truly smart factory."

Automation's Critical Role in Today's Manufacturing Landscape

Automation is a significant driver in modern manufacturing, and Eleven Dynamics AG is spearheading the revolution. We've pinpointed two major areas where our automation solutions can significantly address the challenges in modern manufacturing: quality control and holistic factory automation.

Quality Control Transformed Through Complete 3D Digitalization

Historically, industries have had to contend with sub-standard solutions for quality control - such as 2D imaging, profile analysis, or localized control. However, these methods fall short when it comes to genuinely controlling your manufacturing results. Enter the era of full 3D digitalization, enabled by our revolutionary software, NEXOS. With the universality and ease of use of NEXOS, we deliver fast, customized solutions to ensure that your factory produces nothing short of perfect.

Laying the Groundwork for a Truly Smart Factory

Our automation initiatives extend beyond just quality control. We use the rich information derived from our quality control processes to adjust manufacturing procedures in real time, thus edging closer to the vision of a truly smart factory.

The Journey of Eleven Dynamics AG's Automation Solutions

Our journey since our foundation in 2020 has been marked by continuous evolution and sophistication. Our initial approach centered around offering pre-designed solutions. However, it soon became clear that each factory required personalization and customization.

Over the past three years, we've expanded our reach to cover all main robot, plc, and hardware brands, along with various software solutions. Moving forward, our focus is on going inline with the automation of metrology, using the copious amounts of data generated to live-adjust manufacturing processes, with NEXOS at the helm.

"NEXOS: The Game-changer in Automation Solutions"

NEXOS: Stand-out Customizability and Maintainability

NEXOS stands out in the automation solutions market with its high level of customizability and maintainability. Being a universal software, NEXOS can control your at-line and inline metrology process without any difference. This universality implies that our customers can employ their preferred robot brand and even existing hardware to construct their solutions.
With NEXOS, you truly own your solution in-house, eliminating the need to rely on slow third-party vendors. Despite this, the possibility of having a turn-key solution delivered by our specialist integrators remains open.

Case Study: Overhauling Quality Control in Automotive Manufacturing

We recently partnered with a client in the automotive industry plagued by quality control issues. Their outdated technologies only facilitated partial quality control, which had to be complemented with CMM technologies due to unreliable data. This resulted in them having to measure the manufactured car twice, an absolute absurdity.
With a custom solution powered by NEXOS 4.0, we have built a fast and simple quality control process, effectively reducing two processes into one, managed by a single software.

Robotics: A Vital Element in Automation

At Eleven Dynamics, we champion the automation of every conceivable process to eradicate the need for manual work. Robots, therefore, play a crucial role as tools that we deploy alongside our software to automate manufacturing processes, particularly metrology quality control.

The Ease of Designing and Simulating Processes with NEXOS

Designing and simulating processes with NEXOS is as straightforward as playing a game. Drag and drop your cell elements, parts, robots, hardware, fences, and other devices into position, specify the tasks you want the robot to perform, and NEXOS will generate a program to accomplish the task.

Serving a Broad Spectrum of Industries

NEXOS is particularly effective for industries that manufacture mid-size to large parts. For very small parts, like a smartphone, robotics isn't necessary for automating the general quality control. However, for mid-size to large parts, a robot is essential for navigating over the entire part and executing the 3D digitalization.

Optimizing Process Times with NEXOS

NEXOS enables cheap and fast iteration of numerous solutions and robot programs, helping you to achieve optimal solutions faster. Additionally, NEXOS's universality allows customers to experiment with different hardware to find the best fit, enabling better optimization of the process the customer needs considering all hardware available.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Automation with Eleven Dynamics AG

As we align our quality control automation with our overall strategy, we find ourselves generating vast amounts of data. We're exploring the idea of integrating computer vision, statistical, and root cause analysis algorithms to leverage this data for predictive maintenance and preempt factory failures or malfunctions.

In our view, the future of manufacturing automation looks a lot like AI solutions where you simply input some instructions, make a few decisions, and voila – different items are manufactured. The future is undoubtedly exciting, and having a universal software like NEXOS puts us a significant step ahead!

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