Eleven Dynamics AG Announces Strategic OEM Partnership with Scantech 3D

In a groundbreaking move for the metrology sector, Eleven Dynamics AG is thrilled to announce its official OEM partnership with Scantech 3D, a leading name in 3D hardware technology.

A Future of Automated Precision

Under this exciting partnership, Eleven Dynamics AG brings a new dimension of integration to its customers. You can now order Scantech 3D Hardware directly through Scantech, all integrated with our flagship NEXOS Software.

Revolutionizing Metrology: AM-Desk and AM-Cell Bundles

Looking ahead, we are excited about our upcoming bundles for AM-Desk and AM-Cell. These innovations are set to revolutionize metrology, furthering our mission of crafting an automated future.

Buy it. Plug it. Run it.

This collaboration stands by our ethos - "Buy it. Plug it. Run it." It promises a seamless integration for a smarter tomorrow, embodying a future where advanced technology meets user-friendly solutions.

Contact Information

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About Eleven Dynamics AG

Eleven Dynamics AG, a leader in software development for Industry 4.0, continues to set new standards in efficiency and automation in industrial processes with its NEXOS software suite. This partnership with Scantech 3D marks a significant leap towards a more integrated, automated future in manufacturing technology.