How Our Software Simplifies Complex Metrology Tasks

Reimagining Metrology Tasks

with NEXOS Software
With our Sim2Real feature, NEXOS 4.0 connects directly to the hardware, creating feedback loops that enable complex programming of robots, machines, sensors, PLCs, and other software.

How Our NEXOS Software Simplifies Complex Metrology Tasks

Simplifying complex metrology tasks can seem like a tall order. Yet, it's an order Eleven Dynamics fulfills with NEXOS 4.0, your perfect digital twin in the world of automation.

Battling the Hardware: A Thing of the Past with NEXOS

Just as you don't have to battle the hardware in the design and programming steps of a real-life metrology cell, you don't have to with NEXOS 4.0. We've taken the essence of the video game paradigm - everything being easier in simulation - and applied it to the realm of metrology. This software environment allows you to try many more things without the physical effort that is often the bane of real-life tasks.

Our automatic planning algorithms work in sync with your digital twin, intelligently finding solutions to your problems. Without a digital twin like NEXOS 4.0, you're left relying on slow and expensive manual work.

NEXOS 4.0: Not Just an Offline Programming Tool

With our Sim2Real feature, NEXOS 4.0 is more than an offline programming tool. It connects directly to the hardware, speeding up the iteration process and creating feedback loops that enable complex programming of robots, machines, sensors, PLCs, and other software.
Thanks to the integration of all hardware directly into NEXOS, anyone can use our user-friendly UI for complex programming. No longer will you need to hire a programmer (PC or PLC) to handle this logic for you. And the simplicity NEXOS brings to the programming will reduce your dependency on machine-specific knowledge.

NEXOS - Proven Utility Across Industries

In industries that require high complexity programming, such as coordination of machines, robots, and other software, NEXOS shines brightly.
For example, metrology often demands coordination between robots and optical sensors, with data that needs to be automatically processed with automated reporting. This requires a broad variety of communication protocols. But with NEXOS, you don't have to program this manually.
The simplicity of our user interface allows many users to program robots in less than a day, even without prior experience. This ease of use extends to automated cleaning of diverse types of parts, a task that would typically require time-consuming manual programming.

Easy drag-n-drop customization with NEXOS.

Building Inline Cells with NEXOS

NEXOS is instrumental in building complex inline cells. These cells require advanced coordination of measuring automation (robot and sensor), reporting automation (metrology software), and decision automation. NEXOS offers a flexible software solution that caters to each customer's unique production line requirements.
Without NEXOS, you might opt for a one-time, custom-programmed solution, which can be expensive and difficult to maintain. With our universal platform, which is simple to use and customize, you can build many different automation cells with ease.

Seamless Integration: The NEXOS Promise

NEXOS offers seamless integration with existing hardware or systems. No matter the brand of robots, PLCs, or sensors you use, or which external software you work with, programming is unified and simplified through NEXOS. This ensures you don't have to train operators on new software or interfaces, making NEXOS 4.0 the only interface the operator needs to know.

NEXOS - Addressing the Complexities of Metrology

NEXOS tackles the complexities and flexibility required in metrology automation programming. It speeds up the iteration process, just as using a CAD software speeds up design, rather than building everything directly in reality.

NEXOS eliminates the need for extra work in downloading programs and setting up hardware. You can make mistakes offline and solve them before going online. In the end, NEXOS proves to be much cheaper, more flexible, and maintainable.

Minimal Technical Expertise Required

While using NEXOS effectively does require some technical expertise, it is not overly demanding. We have many examples of recent university graduates, with no prior robotics and hardware experience, building complex inline solutions in just a week.

Customizing Robotic Solutions with NEXOS

With NEXOS, customizing your robotic solution is as easy as drag-n-drop. Import your CADs, choose your robots, and set up your rotary table, PLCs, cabinets, and more from our hardware library. Then, let our algorithms design a program for you. You can run your program in our simulation or directly on the real hardware.

The Future of NEXOS

NEXOS is prepared to evolve with the changing needs of the industry. By automating metrology and applying automatic Root Cause Analysis algorithms, we can trace back problems detected in parts to the faulty machine and decide on corrective measures.

Our vision for NEXOS is to make it the brain of the factory - a single software that operates the factory, adapts the factory process based on the metrology data, and applies corrective measures. This software is designed to solve the general problem of "automation of fixing the automation", taking industrial automation to the next level with Eleven Dynamics.

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